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And here I am again...

2010-09-17 14:34:07 by BuddhaGeo


I've made this video to clarify where I stand in this conflict. Please regard and leave comments.
I'm also willing to answer any questions.

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The Georgian-Russian war is nearing to an end

2008-08-12 09:24:31 by BuddhaGeo

Well, we could withstand the Russian onslaught for 4 days before they reached our capital. Not that bad considering that the Russians have about 6000 tanks and an infinite amount of infantry ready to devour Georgians alive.
Now just recently the President of Russia , Putin, I mean Medvedev (what's the difference anyway?), gave an order to his army to withdraw from the Georgian soil. Unfortunately there are still reports coming in of artillery shelling in certain villages, so how sincere Medvedev's statement was is still to be seen.

My country has been invaded

2008-08-09 05:25:12 by BuddhaGeo

Today morning, Russian aviation has dropped several bombs in Gori, which is beyond the conflict zone, and inflicted several civilian casualties.
There are warnings in the city that the capital, Tbilisi, may also be a target for the aviation today.
I am in Tbilisi.

You guys are a bunch of retards!

2008-06-29 15:40:39 by BuddhaGeo

So easy to fool you, idiots.

Beware my dagger.

2008-04-28 06:33:57 by BuddhaGeo

You infidels.

Beware my dagger.

Rate my piano playing!

2008-04-16 16:54:45 by BuddhaGeo

Me playing Lady Madonna prelude on piano.
Leave comments!

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The Fellow - Chapter I

2008-03-04 00:56:10 by BuddhaGeo

An enormous, mysterious and a never-heard before sound was struck upon the ears of a young man that early morning.

Awaking instantly from the loud noise, quivered, in complete shock, and in incapability of understanding the source or the reason of the earsplitting bang, he swiftly directed his hand towards his clothes which had been lying in scatter on the chair, and out of large aspiration to find out what had happened, dressed up only his leather jeans, thereby staying topless.
This was quite uncommon for him; after all, even when merely glancing out through the window, someone could have seen his skinny and untrained body from the street, and as far as he could remember himself, he has always had a certain pang of fear and incommodity if anyone were to see him topless. The very word made him shiver out of fear, and even a mere imagination of his sluggish body being gazed at made him quiver.
Besides, having a bus station and a miniature market positioned right in front of his sleeping room window, and him living on the first floor, would always guarantee crowds of people gazing straight at the windows, which in result would only increase his phobia of calmly approaching the window whilst topless.
But this time, it was all different.
His fear, along with all the inadequate phobias, has suddenly vanished, as unexpectedly as snow tends to gradually disappear in the first days of spring, and he bravely, without any hesitation whatsoever, sauntered in a languid manner towards the window, and having approached it, with a frantic ambition to discover the cause of the blustering sound, swiftly moved the curtains apart, and poked his head forward to catch a glimpse of the city.

He stalled.
His eyes couldn't believe the seeing, for they were puzzled and baffled themselves, so was his conscience, which was rendered completely bewildered, and his thoughts, which were mixed up similarly to a cocktail, and there was a reason for such bewilderment indeed, for what he saw today, wasn't like anything he had seen before; it weren't large crowds of people foolishly gazing at random locations in hopes of spotting something interesting, nor people placidly waiting for the bus' arrival, nor people standing and vividly discussing something they deemed important, but a completely different sight.
It was utter emptiness. Not even a single soul. Not even a single living entity.
The streets were completely empty. Absolutely free of anything living.
What once used to be a lively road, full of people taking care of their daily activities, full of people strolling and gazing meticulously at each other, and full of those people that looked extremely suspicious of their intentions if judged by their manner of walking, has abruptly turned into complete emptiness.
The front area of the house, where irritating people would once aimlessly wander and poke their eyes in places unnecessary, was now completely free of such annoyances. There was also no annoying human loud prattle and no child babble.
It was deemed rather strange, the silence, or being more precise, the absence of loud noises, to the bewildered fellow; for such silence wasn't very typical to him, if not impossible to imagine, especially taking into consideration that the area was always substantially crowded by this time of day, and never would one even predict such emptiness in the area.
The only sound that morning that the ear could catch was the cool breath of air, and the shivering of the leaves that it subsequently blew and thereby fragrantly notified of the spring's imminent coming.
Spring, itself, wasn't a very auspicious season, and was never welcome, at least in this neglected city, as all it consequently produced were muddy roads, and the majority of roads and streets weren't laid properly, or weren't laid at all. Therefore, a small drop of rain would eventually turn into a minor annoyance, and a long lasting rain would eventually turn into a catastrophic event for pedestrians, and into a complete nightmare for those dressed up in whites.
Nevertheless, what could be better than this? The view from the window was now rendered free - clear of all unappealing people, of all distracting factors, and above all, one could gaze out of it without worries of being the gazing target himself. One could also calmly observe the beautiful landscape far in the mountains, with its fogs and stunning composition, and no one was there to anyhow bother him.


2008-02-03 14:54:10 by BuddhaGeo

Just because its mandatory to join, here you go.

My new experiment

2008-02-01 02:38:34 by BuddhaGeo

I conducted a new experiment flash.
Result = It proved that the majority of users on NG are dumbasses striving merely for protection points.
So fuck you, learn to vote fair.