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My country has been invaded

2008-08-09 05:25:12 by BuddhaGeo

Today morning, Russian aviation has dropped several bombs in Gori, which is beyond the conflict zone, and inflicted several civilian casualties.
There are warnings in the city that the capital, Tbilisi, may also be a target for the aviation today.
I am in Tbilisi.


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2008-08-09 07:29:43

Nice pic


2008-08-09 18:26:37

Uhm. Good for you.


2008-08-10 01:21:35

Your situation IS NOT being ignored. This is being covered well by the United States media. You will be in my prayers.

Please take care of yourself and be safe.

BuddhaGeo responds:

What does the civilian population in America think about the possible intervention of USA?


2008-08-10 01:21:49

and where is gori???????

(Updated ) BuddhaGeo responds: %2C_Georgia


2008-08-10 10:54:41

I hope this war is brought to an end as soon as possible. ThereĀ“s a chance that it spreads elsewhere.


2008-08-10 12:25:51

ok my comment was deleted but i wont be so offensive

im russian and all things have a reason i think either someone did it without authorization of putin or something else putin is a good man and does not think of war as something good something must have gone wrong and also kinda criticizing America when russia invaded iraq and people were fighting the men were called freedom fighters and U.S trained and gave supplies to them now the same men are fighting when america practicly invades sure some are truly evil but some are pretty much thinking of this as an invasion so all superpowers wage wars with weaker places u cant deny it i am a military officer in training and i understand the english language well and many other things i will help try to stop the war and sorry about the comment its just that there she is 4 was so mean i will never forgive you about that but war is a diffrent matter thank you for listening


2008-08-10 16:19:15

and to the account above my own all wars can spread


2008-08-10 17:38:46

Strangely enough, the first thing I thought about when I heard about this on the news was you.

Hope you're keeping alright man.


2008-08-11 13:45:14

I hope you make out OK. This might require more than talking from the US and the EU.

If things get really bad, you and your family should leave the country.


2008-08-11 14:04:49

As far as I know, there are no talks about a US intervention at the moment. Good luck my friend.


2008-08-11 14:18:36

Oh shit. Is there any way you can leave the country?


2008-08-11 14:21:10

Nooo I dont want you to die :'(


2008-08-11 15:04:26

RIP: BuddhaGeo


2008-08-11 16:02:08

If you're reading this then WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING READING THIS YOU SHOULD BE ESCAPING TO START A NEW LIFE IN TURKEY FOR SOME PLACE!!!! Also, while America does support your cause we will be too tied down in other places in the world and too afraid of restarting the Cold War to actually help you at the moment. But I promise you that if I can help it the whole of Georgia will be free from Russia one day. I just gotta find a way to help it.


2008-08-11 17:21:38

Seriously Why Is Russia Getting Involved In All Of This The Last Thing We Need Is Another World War 3 People Need To Get Along

Get Out Of There Man


2008-08-11 17:28:23

Hide under a desk with your books over your head.


2008-08-11 17:58:25

Wow, frightening. Good luck to you in your country's time of turmoil.


2008-08-11 22:54:58

hope i can help u buddahageo but currently i had an argument with an officer about this war unfortunatly he is higher rank so i am gonna replace one of the officers commanding a battalion he will be moving higher rank hope you leave because i wont be able to do anything when i graduate i wont be considered experienced

hope u and your people will be ok - Russian military student Yuri Palchikov


2008-08-12 03:09:15

Oh boy, that sucks... My advice: Do what the Mongols did. They beat Russia.


2008-08-12 07:25:21

Good to see your alive dude.


2008-08-12 07:48:58

I wish you and your family the best of luck