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The Georgian-Russian war is nearing to an end

2008-08-12 09:24:31 by BuddhaGeo

Well, we could withstand the Russian onslaught for 4 days before they reached our capital. Not that bad considering that the Russians have about 6000 tanks and an infinite amount of infantry ready to devour Georgians alive.
Now just recently the President of Russia , Putin, I mean Medvedev (what's the difference anyway?), gave an order to his army to withdraw from the Georgian soil. Unfortunately there are still reports coming in of artillery shelling in certain villages, so how sincere Medvedev's statement was is still to be seen.


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2008-08-12 13:05:25

You're alive, that's good.

We'd all thought you died or something.


2008-08-12 14:36:18

You guys should make better friends with Azerbaijan. Maybe you guys can work together to take back your territories from foreign control next time.


2008-08-12 20:29:39 e/0,8599,1831765,00.html

I have this article from the times website which has Russia saying the will stop fighting but they well not move their military out.


2008-08-13 01:12:00

I'm glad to hear you are safe and that this war is nearing it's end.


2008-08-13 14:56:01

I don't believe them for a minute.

You might want to get out while you can, because who knows, maybe the Russians are letting the Georgians into a false sense of security, then BAM!, Russian troops and tanks rush to the captial, and since there are reports of the Russian troops not
moving, Russia might be planning a sneak attack.

Then again, I could be just pessimistic.


2008-08-14 11:02:40

Very informative. First hand experience of the war.

Stay safe!


2008-08-14 16:19:39

I have a newspaper in my hand right now with an article that says RUSSIA DEFIES CEASE FIRE. So..... good luck.
Hell after this war you could write a book or at least a very interesting blog.


2008-08-14 21:07:51

Pics or it didn't happen.


2008-08-14 21:48:09

Hey, good to here. But is it true that those two separatist places are going to elope with Russia and they're NEVER coming back?


2008-08-14 22:00:03

Yay, we won! ^_^

Did your windows brake from the soundblast of explosions?

That happens when a bomb falls near your building.


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