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My take on the ongoing conflict

2008-08-15 05:07:56 by BuddhaGeo

I've made this video to clarify where I stand in this conflict. Please regard and leave comments.
I'm also willing to answer any questions.

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2008-08-15 05:23:51

Smashing reading. there there

BuddhaGeo responds:

I haven't been reading anything. Everything I was saying was spontaneous.


2008-08-15 07:54:53

Wait... YOU'RE George Topouria? The same guy who created the "Truth about Ozcar" series and used to be a public nuisance on Newgrounds to the point of getting account deleted?

Strange to see you do something so serious, but I can't be surprised, given the circumstances. I hope it gets better soon.


2008-08-15 10:25:36

Putin needs to get neutered so he won't have these violent impulses


2008-08-17 00:34:58

i believe you i will be in your city in about half a month commanding a new group of 50 tanks and many infantry about 1000 i scored high best of luck for you
but i am not allowed to speak to citizens person to person because of security issues and they dont know im talking to you here so i hope every government will stop looking at each other and see the real problems we need to fix to exist on earth the enviroment is the main reason the polluted air causes more diseases and the fresh water from the melting icecaps will disrupt the sistem used to warm the north and cool the south so if it gets disrupted the unstable weather will make only enough food for about 2 billion people and only about 1 billion will survive from the extreme weather and the wars for normal food it will be everyones fault America's fault Russia's fault China's fault and all other countries faults


2008-08-18 13:16:51

oh no Georgia is starting to fight near where i live in Russia my family lives right in the warzone im going ther today with a large group of men and some other groups are coming as reinforcements i will find my family and always get rid of invaders thats what happend to Napoleon thats what happend to Hitler and they're the only major invaders that attacked in Russia sorry Buddahageo but i cant help stop this war itll take more than me to stop it now that Georgia has invaded part of Russia


2008-08-23 05:34:20

R.I.P. There She is!!! Step Four