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My new experiment

2008-02-01 02:38:34 by BuddhaGeo

I conducted a new experiment flash.
Result = It proved that the majority of users on NG are dumbasses striving merely for protection points.
So fuck you, learn to vote fair.


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2008-02-01 06:33:07

it doesnt even need to be that big faggot /422726

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passed without bing unseenly high, also its not a new idea

BuddhaGeo responds:

Rofl nice flash.
But compare the amount of them reviews.
I've got 68.
You've got.............................. 6?


2008-02-01 12:32:55

never said anything about reviews, just passing. you only got reviews because you said newgrounds sucks. your "new" experiment has been done soooooo many times.

go die in a fire


2008-02-03 11:24:47

voting 5 everyday


2008-02-09 14:48:36

"Blams: 0"
You too need to learn to vote fair.


2010-06-21 07:16:05

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