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Most humour-packed flash

The gorgeous animation accompanying this flash, the splendid humour, the beautiful music, basically everything that is present in this flash, is simply delivered in such a marvelous way, that a man should be deemed crazy for not recognizing this as a true masterpiece of contemporary art.
The ability of the author to make us giggle with nothing but mere animation, without any dialogs, proves nothing but his excellency in flash.
Hopefully, we will witness the next part soon, and hopefully, it will satisfy us even more.

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Best sprite movie ever conceived.

To be honest, while the flash was loading, I though and expected that this would be yet another senseless sprite movie with Mario running around squishing stuff.
But no, this is a masterpiece of art and flash.
The characters, the plot line, the jokes, all of them put together form one epic flash that everyone would replay a hundred times for their amusement.
This movie is just a remiscent of all those old games, and you've made the memories so deeply satisfying, and leave nobody a single space for critisicm, aside for one single thing that could have made this flash even better - a scene chooser, which would really help those who want to jump right onto the geniusly executed "300" scene.
But anyways, you're a genius for making a flash like this! High 5!!!!!

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One of my favourite series.

This series is one of my favorites due to its intense originality and extremely well-packed humor, and I can do nothing but imagine the backbreaking effort that was put into creating such an amazing flash.
Keep it up and good luck on the game version which I will undoubtedly keep an eye out for.

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Fascinating and original

I've got to be honest, I've always had a thing for Poker, but never had an actual chance to play it. I had tried several online Poker games but it didn't feel the right thing and I quickly abandoned the idea.
But this game truly sparked my love for Poker again with its originality. Never would have thought that one could incorporate an adventure game with playing Poker.
The visuals are also superb, and the animation of the table with the players also deserves a high five.
Maybe we could see a Governor of Blackjack anytime soon?
Awesome work!

Youdagames responds:

When the first draft concept was designed it was one of that we would like to better than all the other sites. We wanted to add more enjoyment and a sence of fun and give people the oppurtunity to enjoy poker the way it is ment to be!

One of the most innovative games in existence.

I seriously couldn't believe I was playing a game created in flash.
All the features, all the option that this game offers, is simply splendid, and its ability to derive the portal system from Valve's highly-acclaimed game in such a manner deserves nothing but to be called the most innovative flash currently in existence.
Great job, keep it up!

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You have a talent!

Seriously, I can't believe that you've made this.
I would never have guessed that this isn't made by some professional musician (unless you are one).
You definitely have chances to advance into the music industry with this kind of writing talent!

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